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My fees vary and I am happy to provide a price quote.

Mediation is an assisted conversation between individuals or groups who are having difficulty communicating in the way they would like. As your mediator I do not take sides, make decisions or influence outcomes. I guide the process of the conversation while you choose the content you would like to discuss.Mediation is confidential and it is voluntary, meaning that all parties are participating by choice. Mediation is typically conducted in person, however it’s also possible to mediate by Skype or conference call. If you need help with a divorce or parental rights matter, I am very experienced in helping people navigate the necessary decisions.

When possible I prefer to meet with each party individually, confidentially and in private, before bringing everyone together. During this pre-mediation session you can help me understand the situation and what’s important to you and I can explain how the process works and answer questions. I often hold pre-mediation sessions by phone.

“You were an awesome mediator who took everything we had to say in a calm, purposeful and yet involved way. You seemed to get right down to the point but you let us express it in our own way. You let me realize there’s more than one way to come up to a resolution and leave the table with no hard feelings towards one another.”
James Hakala, mediation participant

Co-Parenting                                                                  I provide coaching, communication training and mediation to assist parents in collaborating & communicating in a way that is practical, realistic & best for the children.

Conflict Coaching
In Conflict Coaching I assist you in working through the dynamics of a conflict in one-on-one sessions. Through deep listening and a variety of processes and exercises I help you explore the conflict fully, whether it is a conflict with another or an internal conflict where you might be struggling with a choice or just experiencing a lack of clear direction. Conflict coaching can be very helpful when it’s not possible to have a mediated conversation with the other person or when the issue is really more internal. I prefer to hold conflict coaching sessions in person, however telephone or Skype sessions are also an option.

Facilitation is the process of increasing the ease & effectiveness with which a group functions together. Whether it’s a board of directors, a department at work, a church committee or an activist organization, people have come together to work toward a particular purpose. There are problems to solve, tasks to complete, and decisions to make and it is not unusual to run into rough waters at times. As your facilitator, I am trained in group processes that guide you through turbulence with the potential outcome of greater creativity, sustainable efficiency and new group process tools to support your effectiveness.

“I was very impressed by the way she handled the first meeting. Leah successfully and thoughtfully brought the subject to the forefront and we discussed it.”
Franca Ainsworth, Town Planning Board

Would you enjoy learning how to remain true to yourself while in healthy connection with others? As a certified nonviolent communication trainer, I enjoy sharing the skills associated with Nonviolent Communication (NVC), the work developed by clinical psychologist Marshall Rosenberg, PhD. Dr. Rosenberg developed this body of work over the course of 40 years and the NVC community is currently active in 65 countries. Learn practical communication skills that work in all contexts and increase empathy for yourself and for others.

To learn more about NVC visit the Center for Nonviolent Communication at www.cnvc.org. I offer NVC training to the public as well as being happy to come to your organization and custom design a training that addresses what matters most to you. See Events for upcoming training opportunities.

“I love Leah’s style of NVC teaching – incredibly clear, laced with down-to-earth examples, kind to the core, and deeply trusting of the power of empathic connection.”
Kathryn Tracy, training participant

““It is no exaggeration to say that NVC has changed my life. Leah’s teaching style is gentle and firm at the same time. She is sensitive to the shifting dynamics in a group, always present and compassionate.”
Bonnie Shulman, training participant.

Presentations & Mini-classes
I would love to come to your event, organization, meeting, etc. and offer a presentation. Such a presentation could be an introduction to NVC or an overview of my various services. Also, I can offer mini-classes in NVC, customized to your needs and time schedules.