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Vision: To assist people in remaining true to themselves while in effective connection, collaboration and communication with others, therebyheartstone-2 harnessing the creative potential within diverse or differing viewpoints.

Divorce, Family, Community, Workplace, Organization & more

I specialize in communication challenges where the people involved will have ongoing contact and would like a way forward that will be sustainable and workable. The services I offer are unique in that they are all based in the foundation of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), the body of work developed by Marshall Rosenberg, PhD. Rosenberg observed that violence is reflected in the way we use language. He taught that all humans share the same basic needs and whatever we choose to say or do is an attempt to attend to these basic needs, such as love, well-being and connection. As we become aware of our own needs as well as the needs of others, we become more empathic and creative in finding ways for all needs to be considered. Learning and practicing simple skills can lead to more connection to needs, bringing about the possibility of more peace within and without.

To learn more about NVC visit www.cnvc.org.

When conflict happens, we each have our unique way of responding. Some of us run away from it, some of us run toward it and some of us try to become invisible.  Most of us have had very little training that prepares us to handle times of conflict with grace and confidence and we have had little experience of conflict leading to improved relating. Is it any wonder so many of us avoid conflict? As a communication skills professional, I enjoy helping people communicate through conflict in a way that allows everyone to be fully heard and understood about what matters most to them. Whether you are moving through a divorce process, struggling with a workmate or having a challenge with a neighbor, sometimes the help of a trained neutral third party is just what you need. This is mediation.

Challenges also show up in group settings where people have come together to work toward a common purpose but become bogged down when they don’t know how to manage widely differing viewpoints. Or perhaps a diverse group of people would like to come together to discuss an important topic in a creative way. Facilitation is the process of increasing the ease & effectiveness with which a group functions using processes that allow all views to be expressed and fully considered productively and efficiently.

Often individuals or groups would like to improve their general communication skills. I enjoy offering training in Nonviolent Communication, a way of thinking and communicating that allows us to remain true to ourselves while in healthy connection with others. This training is helpful for everyone, from individuals wanting to communicate more skillfully to large organizations wanting culture change.