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About Leah

Leah has been fully immersed in her work as mediator, facilitator & communication skills trainer since 2010. With a diverse background including public school teaching, professional music and human resources, Leah brings wide personal experience to her work with individuals and groups. LeahonhorsebackLeah holds a BS in Education and is a certified trainer with the International Center for Nonviolent Communication, having studied conflict transformation extensively over the past 10+ years.

She is happy to assist with unusual or “off the beaten path” types of conflict or group conundrums, taking pleasure in helping to sort out multi-layered and complicated challenges in the communication within relationships and groups. Leah presently mediates family matters within the district court system and she has served on the Board of Governors of the Maine Association of Mediators.

Leah’s work is based upon the foundation of Nonviolent Communication, the process created by Marshall Rosenberg, PhD. She has also trained extensively in a variety of additional styles of conflict resolution and group process and is always expanding her skills with ongoing professional development.

Leah is passionate about the creative potential that is unleashed when all voices are heard and all needs are considered within a supportive structure. She currently lives with her husband, one border collie and 2 horses in rural Maine where she enjoys organic gardening and country living.

Education & Training

  • BS in Education (1979)
  • Background in Public School Education, Professional Music, Human Resources
  • Certified trainer with the International Center for Nonviolent Communication
  • Professional Mediator since 2010
  • Family Matters Mediator for Maine District Court (Court Alternative Dispute Resolution)
  • Over 500 hours of Nonviolent Communication & other related communication/conflict resolution Training
  • Training in Convergent Facilitation with Miki Kashtan
  • Apprenticeship with Marie Miyashiro, author of The Empathy Factor
  • Training with Rosa Zubizarreta, author of From Conflict to Creative Collaboration
  • Immersion in the Mediate Your Life Program with international trainers Ike Lasatar & John Kinyon